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Dr. Jim Dvorak is Professor of Greek and New Testament and Chair of the Division of Bible at Oklahoma Christian University.

'08 Astra Oil Pan Resealed!

You've probably heard me talk about it before (on my YouTube channel), but in case not . . . the oil pan (a.k.a., "sump") on my 2008 Saturn Astra was leaking. It was to the point that I was giving my car a good oil undercoating and I could smell i...

Father's Day Gift from the Kiddos

An obstruction wrench set with both metric and SAE. Thanks Sydney and Hagan!!(I'm a sucker for tools)

When it's illegal to park on the street overnight...

... you have to adapt and overcome. This is a common way of parking here in the neighborhoods of Burlington and beyond.

Automotive Electrical Diagnosis

I've now completed two Udemy courses on Automotive Electrical Diagnosis.