A fun little dad & son project and a little space to work

Yesterday, my son and I built a little workbench in my shed. It was a fun little father-son project Now I have a place to work on small DIY projects! Both the top and the shelf were made from scrap plywood I already had. I only had to buy 2x4’s to make the front leg, the leg centered under the shelf, and the wall mounts on the back and far side. I only spent $14. I have some pegboard that I’ll cut and hang on the walls around the window so I will have a place to hang things like clamps, etc. I also plan to make a little container for variously sized screws, nails, and the like. It’s nice to have a space to work on little projects. The next project—and the first one this bench will see—is to make some window flower boxes for my wife. This little bench will be handy for getting that done!