Counter-Hegemonic Strategies in 2 Peter: The More Reliable Prophetic Word Versus 'Plastic' Words

I posted not long ago about a Festschrift that the Graduate School of Theology published in its academic journal Dialogismos in honor of dean and professor emeritus Dr. Lynn McMillon. You can see the full contents of that publication here.
For that Festschrift, I wrote a piece on 2 Peter that I had a lot of fun researching and writing. Here's the abstract:
This article explores the counter-hegemonic legitimation strategies that are employed by the author of 2 Peter to challenge a group of false teachers who had encroached and gained sway over some number of members of the group of Jesus followers whom the author addresses. This article will also point out how, by means of the very same strategies, the writer attempts to legitimate his own teachings and position of authority over the putative readers.
Go check out the full text of the article here.