Weekend Projects (Oct. 2-3, 2021)

You may recall that a while back I put a new serpentine belt tensioner on my car, but I had the incorrect sized belt. I put the old belt back on temporarily. Today, I installed a new belt. Easy peasy. Took me about 20 min. to get the old one out and the new one in because, of course, you have to remove a few things (e.g., air box) to even get to the belt. Otherwise, it would only have taken a couple of minutes to do this job.
"Tyke Bike"
The second job came courtesy my friend and coworker Stephanie. Someone gave her young son what I call a "tyke bike," but it needed some repair. So I took care of that, too. Here's a little playlist of videos about it.
Side Table
Next up, I started building a couple of side tables using these very simple DIY square side table plans. It's a rough cut look. Here are the top, the shelf, and one of the sides (the other is a mirror of this one) laid out and ready for me to drill the pocket screw holes and start assembling it.
Me Bringing Home the Lumber
The Top
The Shelf
The Side(s)
And, of course, I watched football--which reminds me.... Did you see how the Hawkeyes dominated Maryland on Friday night (51-14)? Go Hawks! Well, that pretty much wraps up what Saturday looked like. I guess I also updated the firmware on my wireless router, so there's that, too.
Before church I followed my own DIY drain cleaning recipe and nuked a couple of stinky sinks. After church and lunch, I went out the shed and worked on assembling the table I had started to build on Saturday. This involved drilling a lot of pocket screw holes (thankfully, I have a pocket hole jig for this) and screwing in not an insignificant number of pocket hole screws.
Here's the assembled product. I haven't finished it (stain or paint) because I plan to give it away to new homeowners as a housewarming gift. I figured they might want to stain or paint it to their liking, although I will do it for them if they want me to.🙂
And here's me talking about it a little, you know, getting myself ready to launch a YouTube channel that will more than triple my current income. LOL 😛