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Dr. Jim Dvorak is Professor of Greek and New Testament in the College of Biblical Studies at Oklahoma Christian University.

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Summer Writing List

Projects I am currently working on in earnest include:"Commands and Prohibitions" for Encyclopedia of Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics (Baker)"Mood and Modality" for Encyclopedia of Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics (Baker)"Systemic F...

This just in....

My paper proposal for the annual meeting of the Institute for Biblical Research was accepted! Now to find time to write it. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Dear Jim, Congratulations, your paper, โ€œThe Linguistics of Social Identity (Re-)Formation", was accepted for the 2018 IB...

Telltale sign

Hmmm. I wonder who's writing again. :-) Feels good.


A while back I had posted that my article, "Prodding with Prosody": Persuasion and Social Influence through the Lens of Appraisal Theory, had been accepted for publication by BAGL (Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics). It is now posted. You can...


It's so refreshing and energizing to turn in an article to be published and then to turn in all of the library and interlibrary loan books and to clean one's desk!

Accepted for publication

A while back, I had mentioned that I submitted an article for publication. I had submitted it to Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics (BAGL), and I was notified the other day that it was recommended by the peer reviewers for publication, so it h...

Our Favorite Verses

A devotional book to which I and some of my friends/colleagues contributed. Click the cover for details on the Kindle book.

Writing Challenge

My friend Michael Hanegan tweeted that he had joined a 500-word-per-day writing challenge posted by Jeff Goins. I thought this would be a worthwhile endeavor, so I, too, joined the challenge. The rules are simple: Write 500 words per day every da...