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Dr. Dvorak

Dr. Jim Dvorak is Professor of Greek and New Testament and Chair of the Division of Bible at Oklahoma Christian University.

OC Graduate School of Theology Chapels

Below is embedded a playlist of chapel presentations given by faculty, staff, alumni, students of the Graduate School of Theology at OC. Feel free to subscribe to the GST's YouTube channel.

Bathroom Renovation Update (Jan 8, 2022)

Here is a little video update on where things stand as of end of day Saturday, January 8, 2022. I shot it as an update for the lovely CJD, Sydney, Hagan, and my Mom and Dad. So if it seems like I am talking to people who know the room and know wh...

Here we go! Time to demo!

Well, I guess it's time to start demo on the bathroom renovation job. #thedumpsterhasarrivedWe've hired a guy to do the finish work, but we will do the demo. We are good at "disassembly."🙂

A little fabrication

Whenever we go to the farm in Iowa, Hagan likes to go out to Papa's shop to do a little fabrication. It just so happened that I needed a water valve shut off tool (to turn off water to the house--you know, at the valve at the curb out front of the...

When you turn 50 years old and . . .

When you turn 50 years old and you join AARP, you get a birthday card like this from your wife and kids.They had a lot of fun creating new words for the acronym AARP!![Note that Hagan portrayed me as a power tool; yes, I am a machine! 🙂 ]

Next DIY project

Struts and shocks on the lovely CJD's Hyundai Santa Fe Sport.

Now available: Luke–Acts in Modern Interpretation

I contributed the chapter on Martin Dibelius to this volume. The book is now available. Get it here.

Birthday celebration

That's right, friends, I have officially hit half-a-hundred years old (Jan. 4, 2022)! Because our daughter, Sydney, had to catch a flight early Jan. 4 to Vancouver, BC, for university, we celebrated on Jan. 3. It was so great that the Dvorak 4 wer...