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Dr. Jim Dvorak is Professor of Greek and New Testament and Chair of the Division of Bible at Oklahoma Christian University.

Shocks installed

I was racing the clock this evening to get my new shocks installed before dark. So, I didn't record the step by step work. But here's a shot of one of new shocks installed (it's basically the same on both sides, so only one photo).

another milestone for the Astra

Caught this while at a stop light.I intended to get a shot of 110,000, but...traffic and driving safely and all that.🙂

a little DIY mechanic work coming soon...

I finally got my tiny garage (I guess it's not really a garage since I can't fit a car in there) organized and all of my tools put away. It's a good thing, too, because I have some work to do on my car this week and the coming weekend. Yesterday (...

Moving a queen-sized box springs up a narrow stairwell DIY style

Our belongings finally arrived to our house, so we have been unboxing and settling in. Of course, one of the first things we wanted to set up (after several weeks of sleeping on air mattresses) was our bed. We were able to get the mattress up the ...

Guess what arrived today

Four weeks ago, we watched the PODS truck drive away with nearly all of our earthly belongings. We "moved in" to our little rental house on Aug. 15. Our PODS arrived in the bonded warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario (near Toronto) on Aug. 23. Today-...

A little Sunday stroll in nature

Enjoyed a little nature walk today before it got too hot (and by "hot" I mean about 85 degrees F, so, really, "warm" is a better word to use here).

Sleeping on air mattresses but not going hungry!

Quick update... The PODS containing 99.9% of our earthly belongings are in Mississauga, ON, in a PODS warehouse. We cleared them with customs last week, but "given the current logistics crisis," they could not schedule them to be brought to our ho...