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Dr. Jim Dvorak is Professor of Greek and New Testament and Chair of the Division of Bible at Oklahoma Christian University.

'08 Astra Output Speed Sensor Replacement

Last week it was the input speed sensor. This week, the output speed sensor. If the embedded YouTube player takes too long to load below, you can click here to view the video on my YT channel.

'08 Astra Input Speed Sensor Replacement

I replaced the input speed sensor today. It started raining, so I did not get to the output sensor yet. It's a bit more difficult to reach, so when the weather shapes up I will replace it, too. If YouTube's video player is slow to load below, clic...

Next up for the '08 Astra

Input and output speed sensors. More to come on my YT channel.

08 Saturn Astra Axle Replacement

Here's the video of the axle replacement on my car. It might take a few seconds for the YT player to appear below. If you don't want to wait for that, click here.

Always more work to do on the Astra

UPDATE: Here's the video - https://youtu.be/g0yPKOSDdFk?si=-is89fQfb2yNIe6sI freely admit that my '08 Saturn Astra XE is no longer just a daily driver; it's a project car. The next item up for repair at 115,224 miles is the right (passenger side) ...

Cleaning a household fan

We're in the dog days of summer, as the saying goes (although here in Burlington, Ontario, it's been pretty cool [thankfully]). My family back in Iowa and in Oklahoma are dealing with some pretty high temps. Sometimes the A/C just doesn't keep up ...

New patio table

A while back, the lovely CJD asked me to make her a little table for the patio that she could set next to her chair. Here it is. It's made with cheap lumber (= pine) and a lot of pocket screws. 😛 If you look close, you will see flaws in both the w...